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Welcome to the Life Moves Podcast! (previously called Beyond the 3D)

In this podcast, Michael shares Practical Enlightenment called, "Life Moves." Each move emanates from his experiential wisdom to help you be and feel the best and most powerful version of yourself every day. 

Join Michael J. Russ and experience the full feeling of owning your power and creating your life.

Dec 31, 2017

A new year is here. Happy New Year!

The question I have for you is, how do you feel about the person you are now and the life you have created for yourself? Are you happy? Are you fulfilled by what you do? Would you like to be calling all of the shots in your life?

You have an opportunity to make the next 365 days, and every day thereafter, your best yet.  

My mission is to help you Be the person you desire to be and Live the life you see and feel yourself living. 

ln this episode, I share 12 tips you can use to take your life to the next level, to transform it, evolve it into whatever you desire it to be. Take a listen, take control, engage your power, and create your life.